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how do I select and save a certain part from my workspace in global mapper

Izna4Izna4 Global Mapper UserPosts: 7
edited January 2014 in Technical Support
Hello i am new to Global Mapper..

I want to select and save a certain region on my workspace.. i do not know how to choose this and save it.. also i want to save it in a resolution of 1 m.. can you please help me?


  • CassandraQCassandraQ Global Mapper User Posts: 34Trusted User
    edited January 2014
    The workspace file saves the entire geographic extent of the data loaded into Global Mapper. The geographic extent of the data can be cropped to only include a certain region and saved as a new workspace. Be sure to have the entire data set saved elsewhere so no data is lost. Cropping can be done by drawing a polygon around the desired area with the digitizer tool. For vector data, select the polygon, right click and go to the Cropping options. For Rasters, cropping is done by going to Options in the Overlay Control Center. The Workspace file will save the data at the resolution the data in. The data can be exported individually and a new resolution can be designated during export. Exporting is essentially saving the data to a new file.

    Exporting the data as a package file will allow you to designate the geographic extent without having to crop the data. To save as a package file, go to File > Export > Export Global Mapper Package File. In the Export Options dialog box, go to Export Bounds tab and set the geographic extent to be saved. Package files contain the data itself while Workspace files contain only links to the data files, along with setting, zoom extents and other visual characteristics.

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