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Comparison of ERMapper and GlobalMapper

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Just a quick summary of my experience with ERMapper vs GlobalMapper when creating large ECW files from GeoTIFF files.

Input: 250GB Uncompressed GeoTIFF-files (approx 1600 files)

+ Uses less than 250MB memory all the time
+ Use of both CPUs on dual core pc
- Need expensive license to generate large files

+ Cheaper license than ERMapper
+ Good for small / medium sized projects
+ Can be set up on several computers easily
- Use a lot of RAM. Amount of memory grows until it hits the 2GB memory roof, and then it continues to use 100% CPU untill you stop it
- No support for several processors

Suggestion: Use GlobalMapper for small to mediumsized projects, but test ERMapper for large projects if speed and use of multiple processors is of importance.

I haven`t compared the visual quality or filesize with the same Compression ratio, but I will do that in the future with a smaller set of files.

I am not sure why there is a difference, because it seems that GlobalMapper also use the NCSEcw.dll and NCSEcwC.dll and they also exist in ERMapper.

Any experience from other users regarding ECW compression of files?


  • altwair2003
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    hi thank you very much for this information
    , and if you have more information plz tell me beacuse i still beginer for thses softwaers
  • fadi
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    Many thanks indeed for you!
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