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I am trying to export a navigational chart to CADRG format at the Operational Navigational Chart 1:1000000 scale. My source data is a set of High resolution Geo referenced TIFFs. I generate the CADRG files. Then I read the generated files back into the Global Mapper program and the quality is poor. I assume this is because of the standard CADRG file compression for that scale. Is there a way that I can improve the quality of my output CADRG files for my Operational Navigational Chart 1:1000000?



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    The scale of the CADRG is going to determine the resolution at which the source data is sampled. Sub-sampling high resolution data to low resolution like 1:1000000 scale is going to produce terrible looking results in most cases. Is it possible for you to use a CADRG chart type with larger scale that more closely matches the resolution of your input data?


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    What ever came of this? Every time I search google for this issue I only come up with this thread. I'm not really wanting to necro a post but I don't want to a start a new thread for an existing issue.

    JNCs/TPCs/JOGs become so severely degraded when the 55:1 compression algorithm for CADRG is used that it's difficult to actually use in the jet.

    ADRG doesn't seem to be available from NGA any longer, either.
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