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RobertR GlobalMapper Fan!Trusted User
edited December 2013 in GM Script Language
Hello all,

1. I could not find if we have the option to somehow put/export the "Report for Join of Atribute <column> from file <file_full_path> " to a txt file from the scripting environment. It would be great to be able to do that. Currently, from the desktop interface, the results are copied to the clipboard and you can paste them in a file; this would be a great addition to the JOIN_TABLE command.


  • Jasmine_BMG
    Jasmine_BMG BMG Staff
    edited December 2013
    Hi Robert,

    Since this is already part of the command through the interface, it should not be difficult to add. I will submit an enhancement request and either a developer (most likely Mike) or myself will let you know when this is added to the JOIN_TABLE command.

    Edit: Request#12680


  • RobertR
    RobertR GlobalMapper Fan! Trusted User
    edited December 2013
    Thank you for the info.

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