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I draw a line over a DTM and then export to an XYZ file to get the height of each node of the line. It works fine.

But when I export the same feature in Surfer BLN format, the extracted height is automatically increased, seemingly by a consistent ratio of 3.28083... so I guess in this export, the pre-defined metric (ft) is used. Is it possible to disable that?

We are using V15 GM with the distance or elevation unit set as meter in the Configuration.



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    You can define the default elevation export units on the Vertical Options tab of the Configuration dialog. Also make sure that the native elevation units for the terrain layer are set correctly on the Alter Elevation Values tab of the Options dialog for the DTM layer.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks, Mike. It is solved with the exact specification in the Vertical Options tab of the Configuration dialog.

    But just wonder why for the similar export procedure (the first export to XYZ format and the second to Surfer BLN format), different elevation units are auto used.
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