Old Russian b/w maps 19th century in color

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Trehverstnaya military-topographic map of Western Russia, 1845.
This old topographic map of the European part of the Russian Empire.

Abbreviated will be trehverstovka.
For example - Bibliotheque Nationale Francehttp://catalogue.bnf.fr/servlet/biblio?idNoeud=1&ID=40717157&SN1=0&SN2=0&host=catalogue

The Russians preferred the Walbeck 1819 ellipsoid where a = 6,376,896 meters and the reciprocal of flattening, (1/f) = 302.78.
The first period of geodetic surveying and mapping in Western Russia was from 1845 to 1920.
The principal mapping agency for this period was the Korpus Voyennykh Topografov – KVT (Corps of Military Topographers) under the Russian Imperial General Staff

The projection of this map is equivalent cartographic projection Bonne, Central Pulkovsky Meridian, Central parallel 52 degrees.
Sheet size : 23 x 16,5 English inches.

Trehverstovka map covers Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, a part of Poland, and the European part of Russia.

How I did the old black-and-white map in color ?
I take Yandex-map for Russia, Visicom for Ukrain.
??????? ?????

Transform Yandex-map and Visicom-map to Bonne projection with Walbeck 1819,
transparent stick together with trehverstka, cut off. That's all.

here is what I got
Trehverstovka in color, you can take on the website ??????????? ? ?????. ???????????? ??????-??????????????? ????? ?????????? ???????.
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