path profile in a corridor

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I would like to know of there is a way to generate a path profile in a corridor?


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    Hello pop31,

    If a DEM is loaded, the 'Generate Path Profile From Line' option will appear when a single line or area feature is selected. You can digitize in a line along a corridor and then right-click to select this option. This will display
    the Path Profile/Line of Sight dialog, with a 3D path profile of the elevations under the path that the selected line feature follows.

    If the selected line or area is 3D feature, with per-vertex elevations values, then those elevations will be displayed in a separate line (from the DEM elevations)
    on the path profile.

    This will jump along the feature line to provide sample elevation values. If you want to expand elevations along the path, then you may currently do so with the Global Mapper LiDAR Module. I believe we do have a pending enhancement request to enhance this feature in the regular version of Global Mapper v15, as well.

    If you are using Global Mapper v15, would like your contact information added to the enhancement request, please send an email to A Blue Marble Application Support Specialist will then notify you with further developments on the enhancement request.

    Jasmine Bird
    Blue Marble Application Support
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    Is it possible to draw a line on a path/profile and have that line be created in the main view with the correct position and elevation?
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    That's not currently possible, but is on our todo list (item #12614). I've added this thread to the task item so we will post here when it's available.


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