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I have XYZ + Class (as a fourth column) ASCII files. Here is an example:
147305.30 6787000.20 -0.68 23
147307.27 6787008.97 -1.53 23
147311.74 6787009.74 -1.59 23
147314.25 6787001.83 -1.22 23
147000.00 6787889.90 -0.45 20
147000.02 6787905.63 -0.58 20
147000.02 6787908.77 -0.60 20
147000.03 6787911.15 -0.53 20
I would like to split these files based on the class attribute (4th colum = ATTR_1), in this case one file containing the Class 20 points and onother file with the Class 23 points.
I tried to use the SPLIT_BY_ATTR=YES command with the FILENAME_ATTR_LIST and FILENAME_INCLUDE_ATTR_NAME options, but I did not undertsand the syntax for the FILENAME_ATTR_LIST.
I trid somthing like this
but It does not work.
Thanks for your help.
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    The FILENAME_ATTR_LIST is an "and" list, so all of the attribute conditions have to be true. Since ATTR_1 cannot be both 20 and 23 it wouldn't work for any features. You should instead use 2 separate EXPORT_VECTOR commands, one with FILENAME_ATTR="ATTR_1=20" and another FILENAME_ATTR="ATTR_1=23" to export just those values. Or if really you just want a separate export for each value use FILENAME_ATTR="ATTR_1".

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your answer. It works fine (it was finally much miore easier than expected !)

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