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Editing 3D-lines with "line of best fit"

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Hello global-mappers!

Once again I got a suggestion (this time in the forum:) to make GM even better as it is already.
Editing 3D-Data can be a hard and long job. While doing this I got an idea how one could save hours:

Instead of manually editing every single point of a line (to get a smooth one) this could be done automaticly by calculating a "LINE OF BEST FIT" and adapt the x/y/z-values to the original points of the line!
Not only for x/y-vlaues this would be great but especially for the z-values!
To analyze and manually correct the z-values (deletion of outliers etc.) a possibility viewing and editing the 3D-lines directly in the 3D-Path-profile would be an additional help - like in the Lidar-module.

What do you think?

Please find the screenshot attached for illustation.

best regards, Oliver


  • global_mapper
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    That is a pretty good idea and really shouldn't be too hard to implement. We could add multiple smoothing options, like a linear best-fit of elevations, just a single-slope line from start to end (i.e. keep start and end elevation the same), or maybe some 1st or 2nd degree best fit curves. I've added this to our todo list as item #12612.


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  • geo72
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    yes, multiple smoothing options are even better! :)

  • Leavitt55
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    I enjoyed reading this post. I congratulate you for the terrific job you've made. Great stuff, just simply amazing!
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    Hello global-mappers,

    just to mention: this tool will be perfekt for getting smooth breaklines, profils (generation of terrains, streets, etc.) and a smooth 3D-axis for tunnels (See!


  • kbellis
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    Where do things stand in regards the todo list item #12612?

    It would be wonderful to perform various least squares operations on a variety of scenarios; e.g., roads, section lines, township lines, etc.

    • points - 2D linear - both lines of best fit and curves of best fit
    • points - 3D linear- both lines of best fit and curves of best fit

    Operation ideally producing a new feature with attributes of the completed statistical report

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    I've tagged the todo item (GM-1801 is the new number) so someone might be able to look at this for the v24.0 release later this year.

    It would be very easy to do a 2D or 3D fit to a line. Additional work would be needed to fit to a curve of some order. It does seem like a curve fit would be more useful in most cases.

    I imagine an option for this on the Feature Vertices dialog, or a Digitizer Tool option to do it for a bunch of selected line features at once.