Cut (Add Islands) leaving a vertex behind

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Hello, I'm encountering a small problem, when I use "Cut Selected Area(s) from Another Area (Add Islands)" function on a polygon multiple times, there is a chance that it leaves a lone vertex between the polygons that command is used on. However sometimes the function works properly and the lone vertex doesn't appear.

Here's an example with screenshots:

1- There are 3 polygons in the image. I select green and orange polygons and use Add Islands command then click on the blue one.

2- There is a lone vertex left between them after the process.

3- The real problem is that the blue polygon becomes invalid and I cannot use further commands on it, I have to remove that lone vertex in order to make polygon valid again.

It's not a problem when working on small areas but it becomes really difficult when working on bigger areas with multiple polygons and overlapping features. Thanks in advance!


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    Hello MAD,

    A number of improvements were made recently that could impact this workflow. If you have a Global Mapper v 15 license, please try downloading the latest version and see if the issue persists: Global Mapper Downloads.

    If you have a license for a different version of Global Mapper, an evaluation license can be requested directly through the Global Mapper registration interface. When you start the application, it will open a license dialog. You can select the last option to "Request a 2-Week Trial License" to automatically activate via the internet.
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    Hello Jasmine,
    I just tried this in both b110613 (Turkish) and b111513. I couldn't managed to recreate this just on b111513. So I'm going to use that version for a while and somehow if it happens again, I will share my findings. Thanks for the support.
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