Differences between 14.2.1 and 14.2.2 for shapefile export

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Hi Mike

Had a really strange issue - exporting to shapefile for a fairly large/complex area takes about 8 hours using 14.2.2 64bit dll, but only 2 minutes using 14.2.1 64bit dll. Do you know of any things that might cause this in 14.2.2? Is there any reason that I might need 14.2.2 or can I just use 14.2.1? This is the code (C#):
gMErrorT32_Areas = GlobalMapperDLL.GM_ExportVectorEx(storagePath + "_Areas.shp",
                ref ExportRect,
                GlobalMapperDLL.GM_VectorExportFlags_t32.GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAreas | GlobalMapperDLL.GM_VectorExportFlags_t32.GM_VectorExportFlags_ExportAttrs,

I have used GM_SetExportCropAreas as well to set a shape to crop the output to - could this be the issue/difference in processing time?



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