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Can GM's Georeferencing Satisfy ASPRS Standards

kbellis Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited November 2013 in Raster Data
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) - the real bar setters...

Can GM users look at meeting their lowest (2D - horizontal) standards? maybe higher than lowest?

After studying some pretty amazing satellite imagery and even some not so amazing aerial imagery (think NAIP), I'm ready to go out and get survey grade positions on photo-identifiable points (e.g., base of utility poles, etc.) and try to do some serious georeferencing (rectification). Since I'm not going to worry about stereo pairs and photogrammetrically derived contours (love lidar), this question pertaining to ASPRS rises partly based on the amazing toolset available to GM users for georeferencing raster images and my massive unfamiliarity with ASPRS standards.

Does anybody on this forum with any ASPRS background knowledge care to comment?
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