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We are using Global Mapper extensively in a design visualization workflow. Currently, to export elevation and aerial data, we will export 3D DXF for the elevation and GEOTiff for the aerial imagery. The resulting export is then loaded into 3ds max (after a quick transform in AutoCAD for the DXF to bring it into a local coordinate space) where we manually assign aerials to the associated 3D DXF files.

This can be a bit tricky since the aerials do not always align seamlessly with the DXF files, but a bit of work can remedy this problem. The other issue that I experience is the need to weld all the vertices together and flip the resulting normal up in 3ds max.

My question is this. Would it be possible to add an export format for elevation and aerial data in FBX format? FBX can embed the aerial and maintain UV mapping coordinates per grid. Also, would it be possible to specify an offset for FBX to address coordinate space issues going from geo to local/custom coordinates?


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    We actually have an existing task item for this and have done some work already on FBX export. I have added this thread URL to the task item (#11684) and bumped up the priority so hopefully we can get someone to finish the started work sooner than later. We will let you know when it's available for testing since this thread is tagged.


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    Thanks, Mike. By the way, we just picked up a few network licenses of version 15. I cannot wait to get it integrated into our workflow.
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    Have you found the solution?
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    Fbx format with the ability to either set a global shift for all workspace data, or all exported data would help immensely in 3D viz software. Currently I have been unable to shift ASTER2 online data in the workspace, while other layers can be shifted?
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    So, we are now at V17 and no support for FBX. I would be fine with OBJ support for terrain meshes and aerial raster images, but alas, no. Currently, my workflow still uses 3D DXF, broken into quads and hacked together with the aerials in my DCC package (3ds max). Any thoughts?
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    Hi Mark,

    We do support import and export of OBJ format. Have you not found this to be useful to your workflow?

    Best regards,

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    So, I have noticed FBX as an option in the past 2 versions of GM. Thanks! A few requests with regards to this export format.

    1.  TILE Export - This is a great feature when exporting large elevation datasets, similar to what you would do with 3D DXF. This also is automated well when you create a gridded area and want to automagically export a tiled area based on the selected grid. 

    2. Translation Factor - While this is a great feature, especially since so many applications which support FBX are not double-precision/geo spatially aware, there are time when it is good to support a non-translated FBX. I will often create a custom projection system to address this, however, the resulting FBX is always shifted to 0,0,0 at the center of the bounding area regardless of what is selected in this drop menu. Is there anyway to ignore this. Sometimes we want the 3D data in coordinate space (InfraWorks, CityEngine, etc.). 

    3. Embed Texture - Is there any way to embed what is currently visible on screen, such as an aerial or vector lines? Having the shaded elevation view in not very useful. 

    Thanks again!

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