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Is it s script? - I need a custom feature

Fdarma Global Mapper User
edited November 2013 in GM Script Language
Sorry for the "ignorant' question.

I do the same operation on a daily basis, and I'd like to simplify it.

Basically, I have 5000 points opened on global mapper at the proper location that represent pictures at the location they were taken (the file name of the photo is one the the attribute of each point). I draw a polygon around the photos I want to select (maybe 1,000 out of the 5,000), then I export into csv to get the list of pictures I selected.

Then, I need to write a bat file that copy, paste the photos to a different folder, from the folder where the original 5000 photos are located.

It is time consuming, and I'd like to create a little "custom" function that, after I select the polygon around the photos I want, ask me where the photos are located, where I want them. And then...go.

Am I dreaming? Or is there a name for what I am trying to do, between a script, a plugin, SDK, and other acronym I don't understand?

Thanks in advance.



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