GM_ProjectRectangle from Geographic/WGS84 to UTM

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Any tips on the easiest way to go from a Geo/WGS84 (EPSG 4326) rectangle to a UTM rectangle? Maybe the question I'm really asking is what is the best way to obtain the output projection without necessarily already knowing the Zone (Hemisphere I could obviously figure out)?



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    Related - what happens if I set a new projection with a Zone of 0? Meaning - what do you actually "do"?

    theUtmProj.mAttrList[0].mAttr = ZONE;
    theUtmProj.mAttrList[0].mValue = 0; // use 0 to automatically selected best UTM zone
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    If you pass in 0 for the zone then the appropriate zone for the lat/lon at the center of the bounding box provided for GM_ProjectRectangle is used.


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