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Setting a Projection equivalent to Bing Maps - EPSG:3857

codemouse Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited October 2013 in SDK

How can I set a new GM_Projection_t with parameters equiv to Web Mercator (Aux Sphere) WGS 84 / EPSG 3857 / Bing Maps, Google, etc...?

EPSG:3857 -- WGS84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere): SR-ORG Projection -- Spatial Reference

I tried this and it does NOT work:
var bingMapProjection = new GM_Projection_t
                    mProjSys = GM_ProjType_t16.GM_PRJ_MERCAT,
                    mDatum = GM_DatumType_t16.GM_DATUM_GOOGLE_MAPS,
                    mUnit = GM_ProjUnit_t16.GM_PRJ_UNIT_ARC_DEGREES,
                    mNumAttrs = 0

What am I missing for proper initialization? Thanks.