seperate point cloud by elevation range

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I have a pointcloud and would like to seperate it by elevation ranges (f.ex. a: 1-500m b: 500-1000 etc.) and then export them seperately. Is there a method to do this?

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    If you have Global Mapper v15 and the Lidar Module active you can go to the Alter Elevation Values tab of the Options dialog fo rthe layer and specify the valid min/max range, like 0 for min and 499.999 for max, then everything outside that will be marked as deleted and won't export. You can then repeat and set the valid min to 500.0 and the max to 999.999, and so on, to get a separate file for each elevation range.


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    You must know by now your article goes to the bitty-gritty of the subject.thanks for this nice sharing
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