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Coloring Lidar by RGB and Class

bikerpenguinbikerpenguin Global Mapper UserPosts: 14
edited October 2013 in Vector Data
Is it possible to assign color to points without having an image to extract it from? What I would like to be able to do is to color points by RGB but change the color of a group of points (specific class, AOI, etc.) so they show up more distinctly. For example, I have powerlines running through trees, coloring them just makes them green and they do not show up well.

I'm thinking I could split my file into pieces, export the points I want to color to a file and write a simple program to assign whatever color values I want, then bring the points back together. This seems fairly straightforward except for getting the colorized points back in from either an XYZ or CSV file.

Is this possible, or are there other ways to go about doing this?




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