Yellow background when exporting raster image.

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when I want to export loaded images to GEOTIF, I get the yellow background along with the exported data .like this:
In above picture I've loaded two images in the background.
I don't want to have those yellow backgrounds, what should I do?


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    For already exported images you can go to the Options dialog for the layer and enable transparency for that color. Also when you export you can check the box to mark background/void pixels as transparent then they won't be there to start with. You can change what color is actually used for the background with the View->Background Color menu command.


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    It is interesting. I did what you said, and it added an alpha channel to my image, which is nice, I see whether it will help me with my project or not. However, still there is a problem, when I get the picture to the Photoshop to edit it and then bring it back to global mapper to rectify it, it still points to the previous coordination like this:
    What I want is to global mapper exclude the white areas and just get me the coordination of the image itself, something like this:
    If I'm not mistaken it is impossible. Do you confirm it Mike?
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