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The word Unclassified becomes muddled as we see it first properly linked with Class Code [1] and then incorrectly conjoined to [19].

Therefor suggest this Feature Type: be changed to LIDAR, Undefined.


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    Actually this is related to the relation of Lidar classifications to built-in GM point types. Normally you would use the Lidar classification, but there is still a point feature type also assigned, there just isn't a separate one for every Lidar class. So the Lidar unclassified codes (0 & 1) and any of the undefined Lidar classes or really any Lidar class that a special point type wasn't made for all dump into the Lidar unclassified bin.

    This is one of those things that would be much cleaner if there wasn't the history of Lidar points just being regular points, but the legacy issues require a bit of muddling here.


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    Is that partly related to the reason why it appears that Blue Marble Geo in response to a GM v13 user's question is saying?:
    We are no longer supporting access to your legacy version of Global Mapper.

    I guess we all have end-of-life issues to deal with :(
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