Checking prominence of a peak

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I need to checkout if topographic prominence of a hill top is greater than 150m. Basically, I would like to have map around a peak masked on all points which are lower than height 150 m lower than peak height. That would allow me to se if prominence is good enough.

More abut topographic prominence: Topographic prominence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Is this possible using GlobalMapper?


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    I would suggest going to the Vertical Options tab of the Configuration dialog and enable water display at a height 150m below the hilltop elevation. Then you can easily visualize to see if any other connected summits pierce the water. Another option would be setting the minimum valid elevation for the layer to 150m below the hill top on the Alter Elevations tab of the Options dialog for the layer.


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    That works. I tried with water level analysis but it did not help. Thanks.

    It is a bit difficult to use as I have to go onto config menz each time when I check a peak. It would be nice to have this as an tool: preset prominence and then click on map and it floods everything lower than set prominence.
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