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FIPS 5103 to Geographic reprojection is not working

codemouse Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited September 2013 in SDK

I used your shortcut (UTM Code = FIPS code) for Hawaii State Plane zone 3 - 5103, but now when I try to re-project those points using either ProjectRectangle or ProjectPoint/List, the values returned are "off" to the NW by about 300mi. I'm assuming this is because when you look at the mNativeProj I pass in to the functions, its missing those mAttrs I would have normally had to fill in myself (FALSE NORTHING, etc.).

Can you confirm this behavior? Do you need more info?

I'm going to attempt to pass in a projection with all of the 5103 attributes and not the mNativeProj I initialized from 5103 and see what happens.