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When I open files such as .tif, .dxf etc. in GM the latest modifications to the files being loaded are always loaded. But this does not work if the file I want to open is already a .gmw file with user created overlays. The .gmw file information disappears and its overlays are simply incorporated into the file I am working on, ie there is no link to the original .gmw file. Which means that any updates to the user created overlays in the .gmw file being loaded are not reflected in the file I am working on. I looked at exporting to a .gmp file but it doesn't link to the .gmw file with the user created overlays. Map catalogs appear to have the same problem.

What I want to do is maintain user created vector data and attributes over an entire region, while having smaller local Geotiffs in specific areas. An individual workspace would contain the Geotiffs for a local area, but also show the latest version of the regional user created vector data. The Geotiffs would be way to big if they were to cover the entire region. In AutoCAD this is accomplished by using "external references".

Am I understanding this correctly, and if so is there a way to accomplish what I want to do?

Thanks in advance.


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    Any user created features (or modifications to features loaded from a file) are stored in the .gmw file itself. If you want those to be available outside of the .gmw you should export them to their own file, then close them from the workspace and load the file that you just exported.


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