wmf, emf and dxf file support

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I am moving some of the map preparation that I have been doing in AutoCAD over to Global Mapper, but am having trouble bringing my custom symbols from AutoCAD into GM. Despite what it says in the Help Manual Point Styles REFERENCE GUIDE ALERT GM doesn't read the .dxf files properly when they have solid fills. The loaded as symbols they are also upside down. Although I can export these symbol drawings in .wmf format from AutoCAD, GM doesn't read .wmf files, on .emf files.

Is there a way to load .wmf files as symbols? If not is there another way to get my symbols from AutoCAD into GM? I realize I could use raster images, but I need the symbols to be sharp at various scales. I am using GM Ver. 14.2.3 and AutoCAD 2014.

Thanks in advance,
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