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Hi Mike and GM folks

This is something we have referred to before on the Forum, but every project we do with GM suggests it would be really useful. Within a recent project workspace, we had around 46 layers. From those 46 layers, we were able to generate 12 different maps, typically by exporting GeoTIFF to CorelDraw. We also had two adjacent projects within the workspace, requiring different range rings, related layers etc. So there were probably in the region of 20 different combinations of layers on/off used to generate the 12 maps for each of two projects. For example: different scale map backgrounds; aerial photograph; vector overlays, range rings etc.

OK, then the client says the development has just moved 500m, and we have to remake all the maps with the change on all of them. So we have to recreate all 20 'layer states' (by visual reference to the previous exports) before we can create the new maps.

What would help here is a button in the Overlay Control dialog marked "Save overlay state" - which brings up a "Name overlay state" text entry dialog with OK/Cancel - and a "Load overlay state" button - which brings up a list of previously named and saved states. They could be saved into the GMW, or maybe into a separate file in the same folder, with the same name (different extension) as the GMW. That would potentially allow exchange of layer states between drawings (obviously assuming they have the same layers....). I guess you would also need to be able to delete/rename layer states.

I'm sure I have grossly simplified what might a complex coding job, with lots of error trapping required (what happens if a layer no longer exists, what happens if a layer state name already exists (presumably "Overwrite, Yes/No?")). But this type of functionality would make a huge difference to our ability to produce and edit multiple drawings within a workspace.

Incidentally, I would also like to see grid lines being turned on/off with the layer states, but perhaps I have asked for enough in one day!

Many thanks



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    I have added this thread to an existing task item (#11502) to add this kind of support. Once it is available this thread should be notified.


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    So once you have got the other 11501 out the way, we should be good to go?

    That's fantastic news ;)

    Thanks Mike, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    Was thinking of the same thing and a quick Google search brought me here. Anyway, i found a work around to this. After putting on all the relevant overlays, simply "Export Global Mapper package file" and select "All data visible on screen" under the "Export bounds" tab...VOILA!!! ;)
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    Hi alienyouth, thanks for the suggestion but I can't see how it helps. We want to be able to stay within the same data set (GMW) and call up different layer configurations. The GMP file can act as a record of the layer state at a given time, but then so can a screenshot, which is what we have resorted to. We wouldn't want to load different GMPs to represent layer states, because if we added a new layer/data, it wouldn't be present in the older GMPs.