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I am using v14.0 and trying to plot two photo image ecw files and the background dwg data. After loading all the data I can see on the screen exactly what I need to plot.

I select the print setup, change the plotter, paper size and printing quality.
In print preview I have only the 'white background' ticked, then on the second tab I put in the coordinates for the corners of the plot area, really weird putting the north west corner and northing first. The preview then shows the photo imagery and the background dwg data. As seen in the rather small attached jpg.

GM14 plot1.jpg

I have also noticed that the black lines in Terramodel come out white in v14, is this a bug or is it the translation program from Terramodel to dwg that is causing this problem.

Then after sending the data to the plotter (HP T1100) only the background dwg data is plotted.

Is there something I am missing ?


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    It could be that the imagery is too much for the plotter to handle. What you might try is exporting to a PDF file at the desired paper size and DPI, then print that from Acrobat Reader and see if that works (assuming the PDF looks how you want).

    The line color issue could be caused by some applications using different versions of the DXF/DWG color palette. In particular I know of one case where the same palette color number is used for white in some versions of the color table and black in the others. TerraModel is probably just using the other one. You can just select those lines and edit them to change the color.


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