different lat/long grid spacing for latitude and longitude

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I really would like to know if there is a way to set different lat/long grid spacings? With Polar Stereographic projection (or any conic projection near the poles) there is a need to set a large spacing for longitude and a small spacing for latitude. Otherwise you get a mass of meridians and very few parallels.

If not can you add this?


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    While there isn't currently a way to do that automatically, you could do this by first setting the spacing you want for longitude, then export the grid lines out to their own file. Now set the spacing to what you want for latitude and export that out. Finally turn off the built-in grid lines and load your two files. Delete the latitude lines from the first one and the longitude lines from the second and you should have the spacings that you want.

    In the future we plan to improve our automatic grid line generation to allow more options like this.


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    Thanks for the tip.
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