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Aloha Mike!

I just noticed there's a new build of Global Mapper SDK up. Thank you very much for updating the SDK so actively!

I had a question regarding the update schedule, versioning and the release notes. There's usually an obvious release with an updated version and release_notes.txt (i.e. the release of v14.2). Then there's updates in between them. The date on the download page is newer, but there is no change to the versioning/notes within the .txt file. Are these patch releases and/or beta content?

Would posting a patch number plus release notes be possible for each release? Are we on 14.2.1?



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    We did update everything to v14.2.2 today, including the SDK. As you noted, the release notes only reflect announced minor releases (i.e. v14.1, v14.2) and not the un-announced sub-minor releases, like v14.2.1 and v14.2.2. In general the sub-minor releases are lots of little bug fixes and all of the changes will actually be in the official release notes for the next announced release.

    I don't really have a good list of the separate changes from v14.2.1 to v14.2.2 as they are kind of inter-mingled with the release notes for stuff in v15.0 (the next major release to be announced). I will say v14.2.2 has a lot of bug fixes over v14.2.1 and should be very stable. It is likely the last v14.2.x release as all new work is for the v15.x release. We would only do another v14.2.x silent update if we find some major bug and fix it, although if that was going to happen it probably already would have!


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    Mahalo Mike! Keep up the awesome work!
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