Kilometers as Planar Unit for Belge1972/BD72

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Just downloaded 9.02 to get access to the Belge 1972/BD72 coordinate system!

My problem however is that the shape-files I am to work with have the coordinates in kilometers - not in meters. But I can't select "Kilometers" from the "Planar units" listbox - a lot else, but not "Kilometers". Why?

/Hans Olav


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    Kilometers simply is not a built-in planar unit (it is rather unusual for files to store coordinates in kilometers). What I would suggest is loading the data and specifying "meters", then using the File->Export Vector->Export Simple ASCII Text File menu command to export a new file. During that export you can use the "Point Offset/Scale" menu command to specify a scale factor of 1000 for the X and Y values, thus changing them from kilometers to meters. You can then re-import that text file to have it correctly positioned.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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