Problems with loading in Global Mapper v14.2 (b052813)

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I'm having problems with loading a large dataset. What I want to do is to merge the below-water bathymetry and the above-water elevation data. The above-water elevation data consists of a high resolution lidar surface, but for the lake itself, it can only read a noisy water surface.

Unfortunately since there is no way to combine the two surface datasets, they must both be converted to a series of points. The lidar dataset is quite large, around 10 tiles of over a million points each. Then, the lidar points within the lake boundaries must be selected and delete so that the bathymetry can be used to generate a surface with all of the points.

What I've done so far is create a coverage of all the bathymetric points to create a polygon shapefile, and from there, I've tried to use this shapefile to select all of the points that are within the lake. Unfortunately, this point causes some kind of eternal loop in the program. The program goes through cycles where it becomes unresponsive and then responsive again, and this could possibly go on for hours and hours. I'm not sure.

In addition, whenever I start this workspace file, it will take over half an hour to fully load. I'm wondering if there are some tips you have to help me improve the loading time, and make it so it does not go in this eternal loop. Waiting for it to possibly finish takes a large amount of time where I am unproductive.

I have an Intel 3.20 GHz CPU with 24.0 GB of RAM, using the Windows 64-bit OS. I have 6 cores, but it seems that global mapper only uses one of them in its program.


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    Rather than trying to select and delete all of the Lidar points within the complex polygon, I would just load the full Lidar grid, then the bathymetry on top, then crop the gridded bathymetry to the coverage polygon that you have so that only the part in the lake is shown. You can crop the grid layer on demand using the Cropping tab of the Options dialog for that layer, or crop it on export if you just want to do it once.


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    Hey thanks, global_mapper! This solution worked for me and reduced the amount of intermediary layers that I had to create!
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