Save line label as text

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Guru, I have linework that represents polygon boundaries (segmented) which I've labeled to reflect an attribute of each line. The labels are nicely placed and parallel with the lines as desired. The labeling saves me having to calculate the necessary location , content, and rotation of the text. I'm using v13 of GM. Now I need to capture the essentials of that geometry for those labels (origin, size, text string, and rotation) and export it for use in another application. This could be in the form of a point with attributes for location, size, text string, and rotation or a shape with the same essential attributes for reproducing the label. A point is preferable. I tried the dwg export and specified exporting labels as text but there was no text in the resulting file? I also tried exporting kmz and I got the lines with the labels located at the endpoints and oriented horizontally? Neither of these does me any good. Again, my question is specific to capturing line labels. Please help. Steve


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