SEGP1. Export Points in sequential order

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I am exporting a points shapefile to SEGP1. When I open the ascii files the points are all out of order. Is there any way to have the SEGP1 text written where it is organized by LINE_NAME then SHOTPOINT?



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    I can think of a way to do this. First right-click on the point Shapefile in the Control Center and select to CALC ATTR to calculate a new attribute. Create one called LINE_SHOTPOINT (the name doesn't matter) that is the LINE_NAME with the SHOTPOINT appended to it. Then open the vector search dialog and sort the results on the new LINE_SHOTPOINT attribute. Then select everything, right-click and select to copy to the clipboard, then use Ctrl+V to paste into a new layer. They should be ordered by line name, then shotpoint, in the new layer. You can then close the original layer and export from the new one.

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