Unhandled Exception OnlineRasterOverlay.cpp - 1663

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I recently moved my global mapper from an old computer to a new one. Now I am receiving the following error message when i try to export a JPG raster from a particular source. I get the error when trying to export a WMS feed from "Valtus", but I do not get that error when i export a "Bing" WMS (passed through retailer "Onterra"); or more specifically when i have the Valtus data feed layer on. I am able to display the image, just not export. I had no issues on my previous machine, and am using the same workspace. The error window appears after i select which image format to export

The error is:
Unhandled exception processing command message.
OnlineRasterOverlay.cpp - 1663
Version: v13.2.2 (64-bit)
Build Time: Jun 20 2012 17:14:59


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