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I am trying to see if it is possible to create isopach maps via Global Mapper. Firstly, can the program generate an isopach map only from certain forms of data? Not solely limited to a specific format? If the data I am working with is in KMZ format, I most likely will have to use the CALC ATTR to make the program recognize the specific values I will be using. Will I have to normalize the height of my data points to generate the thickness map? Do I utilize the contouring feature just set to the relavent locations and values I would prefere, to create the isopach map? These questions are what currently are on my mind.

Sorry if this question is too basic. I can not figure out how this is to be done.



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    You can create contour and isopach maps from any gridded data. Normally these would be grids of elevation data, but really what the numbers represent doesn't matter. If you are coming from vector data, like features in a KML/KMZ, you will first need to either have attributes with the value to be gridded or have 3D features, then use the Analysis menu command to create an elevation grid from the data.

    Once you have the grid, use the Analysis menu command to create contours, or to create isopach areas, right-click on the layer in the Control Center and select the create equal-value areas, then specify the elevation "fuzziness" to specify how large the range around a value will be in order to be in the same area. That way you don't have to normalize the data, it can have some fuzziness to it.

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