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Features Discussion

  • Downloading Imagery

  • Elevation Data

    Questions about using elevation data; exporting, importing, converting, etc.
  • Georeferencing Imagery Discussion

  • GM Script Language

    A place to discuss the powerful GM script feature that allows the user to create custom batch processes that make use of the functionality built in to Global Mapper. From a script, one can import data in any of the numerous formats supported by the software, reproject that data if desired, and export it to a new file.
  • GPS Features

    Discuss GPS tracking, GPS intergration and other aspects of using GPS with Global Mapper
  • Projection Questions

  • Raster Data

    Post your questions here about how to use Raster data. Importing, Exporting, Converting, reprojecting, etc.
  • Vector Data

    Topics about importing, exporting and using vector (shp, dxf, dgn, etc.) data