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  • Is there a way to Edit/Modify an imported KMZ (.dae) in Global Mapper?

    Hi dmann,

    KMZ files can directly express simple geometries like points, lines, and areas, but they can also include models, and the way it does that is by referencing external Collada DAE files. Apparently that's what's happening in your case: the 3D software you are using is exporting your geometries as DAE files. I'd suggest that you contact Blue Marble Geographics Support at to see whether they have any workarounds. They may ask you to submit a sample KMZ file to help resolve any software issues; that's usually helpful.

    Best regards,

  • Is there a way to Edit/Modify an imported KMZ (.dae) in Global Mapper?

    What version of Global Mapper are you using?  (it does make a difference in many cases)

    What kind of features to you have?  Points? Lines? Areas?

    What modifications (in general) to you want to make?

    What problems are you having with modifying any of the features?

    I don't know of any problems with modifying data imported from KMZ, or exporting to KMZ.  That said, after editing, all features (and labels) may not remain consistent with the original file.  Many modifications can be made within Google Earth, as an alternative. 

  • Transferring licenses between computers

    Michel, another post in this thread included the instructions to email with your problem.  Suggest that you do the same.

  • delete points within polygon

    Hello, can you suggest how to script this workflow?
  • Get error when run script to calculate volume

    When I change the points with the tiff you sent I get a Cut Volume of 174032.397308649 and a 0.0 fill volume. Without the exact data you are using I can't be certain what the problem is.

    Console.WriteLine("Count layer " + LayerHandles.Count);
    GM_Point_t A;
    A.mX = 440072.263;
    A.mY = 4588113.001;
    GM_Point_t B;
    B.mX = 440093.686;
    B.mY = 4588048.732;
    GM_Point_t C;
    C.mX = 440112.431;
    C.mY = 4588113.001;
    GM_Point_t[] points = new GM_Point_t[3] { A, B, C };
    IntPtr intPtr;
        // Must pin object on heap so that it doesn't move while using interior pointers.  
      fixed (GM_Point_t* pArray = points)
            // p is pinned as well as object, so create another pointer to show incrementing it.  
            intPtr = new IntPtr((void*)pArray);
    GlobalMapperDLL.GM_AreaVolumeParams_t gM_AreaVolumeParams_T;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mSize = 0;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mPoints = intPtr;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mNumPoints = 3;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mCutHeight = 10;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mXSpacing = 0.00927500000000054;
    gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mYSpacing = 0.00927500000000029;
    GM_LayerInfo_t theLayerInfo = (GM_LayerInfo_t)Marshal.PtrToStructure(GlobalMapperDLL.GM_GetLayerInfo(theLayerHandle), typeof(GM_LayerInfo_t));
    double cutVolume;
    double fillVolume;
    LastGMError = GlobalMapperDLL.GM_CalcVolumeOfArea(theLayerHandle, ref gM_AreaVolumeParams_T, out cutVolume, out fillVolume);
  • How to set the point cloud class


    is there some way to set certain class (i.e. 9) to all my loaded / being exported LiDAR data?

    Such a simple thing but it seems there is no automated way.

    Thanks for advice.

  • Get error when run script to calculate volume

    Sorry, for the delay.  It's been pretty busy here. It looks like the points are not in a valid location this file has this global rectangle.

    mGlobalRect.mMaxX == 440230.32666000008
    mGlobalRect.mMaxY == 4588327.3269700008
    mGlobalRect.mMinX == 439857.01470000006
    mGlobalRect.mMinY == 4587304.1915500006

  • Need I purchase a license first to getting support ?


    Blue Marble Geographics will provide support before you buy a license.  I suggest that you send them your question directly via e-mail (  If you are trying to resolve a problem, be sure to include a detailed description of your work flow, and the data that you used.  This will ensure a faster response.  

  • Get error when run script to calculate volume

    It looks like your problem is here:

                        gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mSize = 3;
                        gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mPoints = intPtr;
                        gM_AreaVolumeParams_T.mNumPoints = 4;

    mSize is the size of the structure if you can get that size yourself or if you set it to 0 then I believe it will be calculated internally.  Also mNumPoints should be 3 as you only have 3 points.

    I hope this helps

    - Aaron
  • how to export TIN in globalmapper from lidar data or DEM


    Could you continue to bullet number 9 as there is no TIN format in the Select Export Format drop-down list...