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  • Export to KML/KMZ (Vector Data Only) and preserve layer structure

    You could try using the LAYER function to turn your layers into KML folders.

    RIght click on the DWG group
    Click LAYER then click Calc/Copy Attribute Values
    In the "Attribute Calculation Setup" box, input KML_FOLDER in the box for "Select Existing or Create New Attibute to Assign Calculated Values to:"
    For Source Attribute, use <Feature Layer Name>
    For Operation, use Copy Source Attribute to New Attribute

    Click "Calculate" at the bottom of the box.

    Now export the DWG group to KML again.  When you open it in GE, there should be a folder in each layer.

  • Manually Setting Cache?

    I'm running into a new issue after creating a dual Windows 7/Windows Vista system in that my main C: drive now only has about 27GB available to work with...

    I'm noticing when importing a directory full of data the c: drive is filling up and then the whole process falls over once the hard drive is full...

    I've looked in the GM menus and also the main GM folder to see if there's a way to set the cache/scratch disk and I haven't come across anything...

    Is there a way to define a disk to use as a scratch disk or is there a way that can be added to GM11?

  • Model Key Points - mass points point clouds

    I'm also pretty interested is seeing this functionality.  I'm scanning with a AL3 lidar using a Velodyne head.  A little thick and fuzzy compared to a Reigl.  I want thin...  Thin's in baby!
  • beta - point cloud from images

    I've been trying this the last week.  Is there a way to batch process?  Unless I'm mistaken, a person has to press RUN numerous times to complete the process.
  • OBJ Import/Export - Flip YZ

    Hello RIccardo,

    This is currently governed by a registry setting:
    * Navigate to the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Global Mapper"
    * Look for the value named "3DModelImportPromptForSettings", which will have a value of "0". Change it to "1" and you should get 3D File Import Options dialog back.

    Please let us know if this doesn't work for you.

    Best regards,

  • 3D model with texture from terrain and orthorectified image

    If you have a terrain grid loaded in Global Mapper you can export it to several 3D DXF formats using the File->Export->Export Elevation Data menu command. Hopefully one of those will work for you.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Guru
    Blue Marble Geographics for Coordinate Conversion, Image Reprojection and Vector Translation
  • Slope Percentage Attirbute on Point using Calculate Elev/Slope Statistics


    The format for the slope attribute can not be changed by the user at this time, nor can the slope percent be split out into a separate attribute by the Calculate Elev/Slope Statistics function.  I have added feature request #22986 so we can evaluate adding additional formatting options in a future release of Global Mapper.  We will post a message on this thread when the status of the request changes.

    In the meantime, you can use the Attribute Calculator to split the slope percent into a separate attribute.
    1. Use the Digitizer to select the features you want to modify
    2. Right-click and choose Attribute Style Functions | Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection.  The Attribute Calculation Setup dialog will be displayed.
    3. Use SLOPE_PCT (or another name of your choosing) for the new attribute to be added
    4. Select the Use Formula Calculation option
    5. In the formula field, paste clip(search(SLOPE,"\d*.\d*%"), "", "%"). (The formula searches the string for a number followed by a percent sign, then clips off the percent sign.  See Global Mapper help for more information.)
    6. Click the Calculate button
  • Draw Buildings from LiDAR


    I have LiDAR mapping that clearly shows buildings in an urban area.  How can I use GM to automatically draw polygons to represent the buildings/structures from the LiDAR?

  • Mobile Mapper GPS


    The zoom to location feature could certainly be useful, and I have opened an enhancement request for this (22618). 

    We are currently in the early planning phases of Global Mapper Mobile 2.0. We would be very interested to know more about what features you, and others, would find useful and how you would like to use the application in your work. You may post your suggestion here or submit them to directly to BMG support via email (


  • Global Mapper Mobile For Android - Beta on Google Play

    PaoloNB said:

    The GPS keeps working after exiting GMM, is it supposed to be that way?. The location icon only disappears when I force close the app from android menu.

    This was done so that accurate location data would be available immediately once the app is brought to the foreground. We are considering adding some options that would give the user more control over how the location services are used. Disabling while the app is in the background, and not recording track data, is among these.