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Opening up ArcCatalog just to change a coordinate system is a pain in the butt, with Global Mapper it takes only seconds. I use it all the time for quick overlays, viewing data, or projection conversions.

Brian Russo

Formats Supported by Global Mapper

Viewing and Importing

Global Mapper supports viewing of dozens of the most common data formats:

ASTER DEM and L1A/L1B Imagery and MODIS imagery
Arc/Info ASCII Grid
Arc/Info Binary Grid
Arc/Info Export Format (E00)
BAG (Bathymetry Attributed Grid) Files
BT (Binary Terrain) Elevation Grid Files
Canada 3D Files
Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED)
DHM – Swiss DEM Files
DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) Format
ERDAS Imagine Image Format
GLOBE (Global Land 1-km Base Elevation) Data
GSD (Swedish DEM Grid) Files
GXF (Geosoft ASCII Grid) Files
Geodas Grid (GRD98) Format
Geosoft Binary Grid Files
Global 2′ Elevation Data (ETOPO2)
Global 30-arc-second Digital Elevation Data (GTOPO30)
Gravsoft Grid Files
HF2/HFZ Files
HTF (Hydrographic Transfer Format)
Hypack Matrix Files
Idrisi Format
International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Files
Japanese DEM (JDEM/LEM/CSV) Format
LizardTech MrSID MG4 Lidar
NOAA TerrainBase Elevation Data
NTF Grid/Contour Format
PDS (Vicar) Files
QCT (Quick Chart) and QED Files
SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)
STL Files
Surfer Grid (ASCII and Binary) Format Files
TerraScan .bin/.ts Format
Terragen Terrain Format
USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
USGS Digital Elevation Model, GeoTIFF Format
USGS Digital Elevation Model, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DEM/SDTS)
USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) – ArcGrid, BIL, Grid Float Format
Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) Grid/Clutter Files
Vulcan3D Triangulation (.00t) Files
Zmap Plus Grid Files

ADRG Files
ASRP (Arc Standard Raster Product) and USRP Files
ASTER DEM and L1A/L1B Imagery and MODIS imagery
BSB Nautical Charts
CADRG and CIB Files
ERDAS Imagine Image Format
ERMapper Compressed Wavelet (ECW) Format
Erdas GIS/LAN Files
GRIB I and II Formats
GeoPDF® Files
Idrisi Format
Intergraph COT Format
JPEG Image with Embedded EXIF Position Information
JPEG Image with World File
JPEG2000 Files
KML/KMZ Formats
Landsat 7A FAST Format
LizardTech MrSID Data
MPR/MPH (German Topo Map) Files
MapTech Nautical Charts (PCX Format)
MapTech Topo Maps and Aerial Navigation Charts
NITF – National Imagery Transmission Format
NV Verlag Marine Charts
OziExplorer OZFx2 and OZFx3 Formats
PCX Files
PGM Grayscale Grid Format
PNG Image with World File
QCT (Quick Chart) and QED Files
RIK (Swedish Topo Map) Files
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), GeoTIFF Format
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), JPG w/ Native Header Format
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), Native USGS Format
USGS Digital Raster Graphic (DRG)
Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) Grid/Clutter Files
Zoomify Format

Alberta Township System (ATS) Format
Anuga Triangulated Mesh Format
Arc/Info Export Format (E00)
AutoCAD DWG (DraWinG) File
AutoCAD DXF (Drawing Interchange File)
BAG (Bathymetry Attributed Grid) Files
CDF (GES Cartographic Data Format)
CML, CXF, and TAF (Italian Cadastral Exchange Formats)
CompeGPS RTE, TRK, and WPT Formats
DBF (DBase III+) Files
DMDF (Digital Map Data Format) Format
DeLorme Text Files
Delft3D (LDB) Files
EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) Format
ESRI Personal Geodatabase Format (MDB) Files
ESRI Shapefiles
FCC Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) Files
GML (Geography Markup Language) Format
GPS TrackMaker
GPX (GPS eXchange Format) Files
Garmin PCX5 Format Waypoint (WPT), Route (RTE), and Track (TRK) Files
Garmin TCX (Training Center Database) Files
GeoPDF® Files
HTF (Hydrographic Transfer Format)
Idrisi Vector (VCT) Format
JPEG Image with Embedded EXIF Position Information
KML/KMZ Formats
LMN (Spectra Line Management Node) Files
LizardTech MrSID MG4 Lidar
Lowrance LCM (MapCreate) Format
Lowrance SonarViewer Format
Lowrance USR
MagicMaps IKT Files
MapInfo MIF/MID and TAB/MAP Formats
MapMaker DRA (Drawing) Files
Marplot MIE Files
MicroStation DGN Format
NIMA GNS (GeoNet Names Server) Format
NOAA DSDATA Geodetic Control, SDTS Format
NTF Grid/Contour Format
OpenStreetMap (OSM) Files
OziExplorer Waypoint (WPT), Route (RTE), and Track (PLT) Files
Platte River ASCII Digitizer Format
Polish MP (cGPSMapper) Format
S-57 Digital Chart Files
S-63 Encrypted Digital Chart Files
SEGP1/UKOOA Seismic Shotpoint Format
SMT KINGDOM Software Planimetric Polygon Format
SOSI Files
SPS (Shell Processing Support)
STL Files
Surfer BLN Files
TAF (Italian Cadastral Exchange Format)
TIGER/Line Files
Tobin .bas (TDRBM II) Format
TomTom OV2 Files
USGS Digital Line Graph, Optional Format (DLG-O)
USGS Digital Line Graph, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DLG/SDTS)
USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
USGS Land Use and Land Cover Data (LULC)
Vulcan3D Triangulation (.00t) Files
WAsP .MAP Format
XTF (eXtended Triton) Format


Export Support

You can export both vector, raster, and elevation data to a variety of formats (see below). You can merge any combination of data sets, regardless of source scale, type, and projection. You can also breakup your data into a regularly spaced grid on export if you’d like as well. Get more details about formats!

Arc Ungenerate format
AutoCAD DXF format
CDF format
CSV format
Delft3D (LDB) format
DeLorme Text/Drawing format
DGN format
DWG format
ESRI Shapefile format
Garmin PCX5 TRK and WPT formats
GPX (GPS eXchange Format)
KML/KMZ (Google Earth) formats
InRoads ASCII format
Landmark Graphics format
Lidar LAS format
Lowrance LCM format
Lowrance USR format
MapGen format
MapInfo MIF/MID format
MapInfo TAB/MAP format
MatLab format
MOSS format
NIMA ASC format
PDF (Geo-enabled) format
Platte River ASCII Digitizer format
PLS CADD XYZ Grid format
Polish MP (cGPSMapper) format
SEGP1 format
Simple ASCII Text format
Surfer BLN format
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format
TomTom OV2 (point database) format
Tsunami OVR format
UKOOA P/190 format
USGS DLG-O format
WAsP .MAP format
ZMap Plus XYSegId format

BIL/BIP/BSQ formats
ECW format
Erdas Imagine format
GeoTIFF format
KML/KMZ raster format (including super overlay support)
Idrisi format
JPG format
JPG2000 format
NITF format
PDF (Geo-enabled) format
PNG format

Arc ASCII Grid format
BIL format
BT (Binary Terrain) format
DTED format
DXF (3D-point, 3D-mesh, and 3D-face) formats
Erdas Imagine format
Float/Grid file format
Geosoft Grid format
GeoTIFF DEM format
Gravsoft Grid format
Idrisi format
Leveller Heightfield format
Lidar LAS format
MapMaker Terrain file format
Optimi Terrain file format
PGM Grayscale Grid file format
PLS CADD XYZ Grid file format
RockWorks Grid format
STL format
Surfer Grid (ASCII and binary) formats
Terragen Terrain file format
USGS DEM format
Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) Grid
VRML format
Vulcan3D Triangulation format
XYZ ASCII Grid format
Zmap Plus Grid format