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  • Thanks Bob for the reply. Description and sample files are above. I thought support is reading and helping here, because this is the official forum? Or is this a user to user forum and for an official answer better to contact you by mail?
  • No one at BlueMarpleGeop could help or is interested? :-(
  • I checked with an old licence Global Mapper V13 and the export is OK. So seems that something went wrong in the meanwhile :-) Mike: Can you please check the export routine?  I uploaded both exports of the same file (from V13 and V18):…
  • Mike, thanks a lot - changing the projection to Geographic/WGS84 works fine with GPSMapEdit! Another possibility is to switch to UTM/WGS84, which is very similar to the GaussKrueger-projection. UTM is also read by GPSMapEdit without any proble…
  • Thanks for the hints. I thought that ECW is capable to store Transverse Mercator, because GPSMapEdit said "Supported projections are Lat/Lon, Transverse Mercator, Mercator, UTM". Unfortunately, GPSMapEdit don't read the PRJ-File - and the supp…
  • Unfortunately I again have an issue with the ECW-export. But now I get an error with GM 9.03 and 10.02. I have a map of Nepal here with Gauss Krueger 3° Zone 29. I rectify it using Transverse Mercator with the following settings: And GPSMa…
  • Hi, with the 10.02-Version everything works like a charme now. Seems to be a bug only in the 10.01 Thanks, Michael
  • Thanks for the reply! I played a little bit and figured out a workaround for my problem: 1. Load the DEM-Files (don't create contour lines at this point!) 2. Create an area (e.g. from country borders or something like that) 3. Export the DEMs w…