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  • ArcGRID File Won’t Load

    Using GMv17.0 I am able to load the Antelope zip file without problems, and see the same error messages as you do when opening the Cherry zip file.  

    I then unzipped the files, each into a separate folder (it takes awhile for the large Cherry file).  

    Using the Open Data File(s) option and navigating to the 2mdem subfolder (antelope2mdem), I see the w001001.adf file displayed (there are several additional adf files as well as other files, but none of them are offered when using the Commonly Used Formats filter).  Selecting the displayed file results in the data loading successfully.  

    The same is true in the Cherry folder: in the 2mdem folder only the w001001.adf file is displayed.  This file also opens without problems.  

    So the issue appears to be part of the file extractor routine, perhaps due to the size of the zip file.  

    Your workaround is to open the data from the unzipped files. 

  • change the file associations

    Ensure that you are using the most recent version of Global Mapper, so you know that your issue is still present. (no, it's not a GM problem, but problems are easier to describe and solve with current versions of the programs that you are using.)

    Right-click on a GPX file, then select the "Open With" dialog.
    The list of recommended programs may not show Global Mapper.
    (mine does not, but IS set to open with Global Mapper)
    Click on the Browse button, and navigate to the folder containing global_mapper.exe
    If you are using the 64-bit version of GM, the executable file will probably be in
    C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper16_64bit
    If you are using the 32-bit version of GM, the executable file will probably be in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\GlobalMapper16_32bit (I'm guessing a bit)

    Ensure that the dialog box is checked "Always use the selected program ..."

    I normally save my projects in a GMW workspace file, so related GPX files are automatically loaded. Additional files are opened by dragging them into GM from Windows Explorer (usually one at a time, but a group of GPX files would be fine).

  • Point Cloud Classification Settings

    When you open the case study and receive the file-not-found screen, edit the address to remove the characters after ".pdf" and the file will then open fine.
  • How do I open KMZ/KML files in GM and have them appear in the correct location?

    In general, KMZ/KML files open fine in GM.  Drag-and-drop or open them from the menu, either vector or raster files. 

    However that doesn't mean that all content will open correctly, or as you prefer.  Those that I work with are fine (mostly vector lines and points). 

    It also doesn't mean that you can do everything that you need in either program.  In my experience, GM is used for creating content that is displayed in GE.  And GE is better at doing some tasks than GM, so I switch between programs as needed.