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  • converting photo library to waypoint gpx


    In GM go to the folder(s) with all the images; select and open all. Assuming that they are all correctly geo-tagged, they will open as points in GM.

    In GM go to the Control Centre and select all the images and then go to Options. Click on the radio button "select selected attribute value for name" and from the drop-down use Timestamp (or equivalent).

    The image points on screen should now have date/data data against them.

    Now simply use the export "vector/lidar data" and choose the GPX option.

    I hope this helps.
  • Global Mapper v18-Beta Release

    Annoying feature in new Overlay Control Centre

    I like the new Overlay Control Centre but it has an annoying feature. As I am using a single screen I find I prefer to keep it quite narrow. However, if I then open an overlay with a long(ish) name, the scroll bar shifts to the right and I have to manually drag it back so the layer selection buttons are once more visible (see images). Not a major problem but definitely annoying. Can you set it so that the Overlay Control doesn't automatically scroll?
  • Find Volume Between Surfaces Not Working Correctly

    Hi AustinGeo

    GM is a brilliant bit of cost-effective GIS software but as you are finding, does not have very sophisticated gridding tools or allow a lot of control on gridding parameters. For most grid volume applications it is fine but part of your problem is the very elongate geometry of the blast area. This means that having a 15ft difference between the shot hole area and the blast area makes a big (25%) difference.

    If it were me, I would copy the outer points to just outside the balst area, use a smaller grid cell size and clip to the blast polygon. Its not elegant but would work. No grid derived from a series of points is a true representation of reallity. All you can do is to get to an accepatbel level of accuracy.