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A question we get asked quite a bit is how does Global Mapper compare to ArcGIS? To help answer that question we put together this table (with generous help from one of our customers) to help you compare features of both programs and let you decide for your yourself which one clearly provides the better value. You’ll notice some asterisks in the columns and those are explained below the table.

Global Mapper 15 ArcGIS (ArcView) 10
Price $449.00

($404.10 with coupon code)

Import: Vector Feature tickOpens Anything tickMore Limited
Export: Vector feature tick tickLimited
Create Grid (Fishnet) tick tick
Scripting tick tick
Raster Catalogs tick tick
Find Location By Address tick tick
Generate hill shade tick tick
Read Most raster tick tick
Generate Buffers and Range Rings tick tick
Spatial Bookmarks tick tick
Advanced feature selection tick tick
Export KMZ KML Google earth tick tick
Image Rectifier tick tick
Generate Watershed tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
Merge DEMs tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
Generate Contours tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
Generate View shed tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
3D path/Line of Sight Tool tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
Add Z data to feature Class from Elev file tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
View Data in 3D tick caution**(requires additional ext.)
Points to Polyline Tool tick error***
Line to Polygon Tool tick error***
Polygon or Polyline to point tick error***
Automatically Crop USGS DRGs tick error
Garmin maps Support tick error
Water Level Display (Elev data) tick error
COGO tool tick error
Stike and Dip Marker Tool tick error
Split Polygon tool split polygon tool tick
SDK tickSeperate License tick
Multiple Map Windows error tick
Create Graphs/reports from Data error tick
Find Route error tick
Route Editing error tick
Table Joins (join Excel, CSV to feature table) tick tick

**$1500 is an entry level ArcView license. The features denoted with a require you to purchase a separate $2500 extension
*** Only available with ArcEditor ($7000+)