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Thanks for the fast response. Your tech support is awesome!

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Global Mapper

Easy to Use, yet very powerful GIS program

Global Mapper is an easy-to-use program that has powerful features for the mapping professional. You can use Global Mapper for digitizing and converting just about every type of data format available.

Rating by Paul: 5.0 stars


Here are a few testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

Thanks for the fast response. Your tech support is awesome!

Forum User

Again, thanks for the awesome program and support.

JD Hope
Forum User

Thanks allot for your effort. Your support is truly amazing!

Sherm Jensen
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Thanks so very much! This is an incredible application. Even better is the extraordinary community of users.

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Congratulations….I really think you set the bar high. “GIS” is a broad term. As a geologist I want a tool to get my work done. I don’t want to be a “GIS” specialist. I need load and mix various maps and data to get answers. If that is “GIS” great. Global mapper is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get the work done without getting a degree in geographic information systems or having to deal with a “GIS specialist” to make a meaningful map.

Forum User

Global Mapper is just getting better and better … we are so amazed by its performance. Within a few minutes, a dozen of samples are produced. It is just so customizable, and we are very pleased with the 3D results.


I have to say, Global Mapper is the coolest GIS program I have ever used. I am a Geologist at Illinois State University and have been using your program for about a year. Recently I have applied it to the geologic mapping our graduate students are doing in LaSalle County, Illinois.

Global Mapper became especially useful when you added the geo-referencing tool. We generate multi-layered work spaces using 7.5 minute digital elevation models and digital raster graphics. The DRGs are high resolution scanned images that we geo-rectify. The next overlay is the geology. This is generated using CANVAS, and is drawn as filled poygons over a DRG base map. The base map is removed and the polygons saved as a TIF file. We then geo-rectify the TIF image on top the maps already in Global Mapper. Making this layer semitransparent we can see the underlaying geology with respect to geographic locations such as rivers and towns. In addition, by using the texture mapping feature we add a three dimensional appearance to the map. We have also, on occasion, added a transparent DOQ over the work space. This gives the map user a good reference to the vegetative cover in relation to certain rock formations.

This technique allows me to check the position of students geologic formation contacts. For instance, on a two dimensional map river lain sediments cover only flat lying areas. Texture mapping allow me to see if these formation project to far up a hill side.

Once this part of the mapping is complete, the students generate a profile path across regions of interest. These cross sections are exported from Global Mapper and imported into CANVAS where the subsurface geology is added. Manually, this task would take days. Now it can be completed in hours.

The geologic maps and cross sections we made at Illinois State University are funded through an educational grant provided to us by the Illinois State Geological Survey and the finished products are available to the public. These maps will be of great use to local and County planning commissions for addressing environmental and resource issues.

My hat is off to you for creating a powerful yet easy to use program.

Bill Shields
Illinois State University

“I just returned from a marine survey during which Global Mapper supplied all my needs – viewing charts, superimposing Geotiffs of the multibeam sonar data, rectifying images, downloading and viewing Shuttle data, making 3-D views, viewing the ships tracks, etc. Who needs the hugely expensive ARC products when Global Mapper can do all this. Great program!”

Dr. John Shaw

I just want to congratulate you for the superb software that Global Mapper is!!!! I use it for almost two years now. It does exactly what it claims: saves a tremendous amount of time and resources, runs on lower-end computers as well as it runs on the high-end ones, and in many tasks outperforms easily in speed and in the amount of data that it can load at one time, other “noble” software like ArcView !!!!

I was never able to load more than 2-3 DEM files (for quads at 50k scale) in LDD. However I was able to load the whole coverage of Mexico (!!!!!) without even ‘inflate” the files, then generate contours, export them in *.shp format and all in 20′. This is the time, if not more, that LDD would use just to generate a TIN from two DEM files! Also the module for ortho-rectifying the raster files is a little piece of jewelry. Excellent!”

Sergiu Sopterian
Trow Associates Inc.

I publish a blog site that gets 100+ page views a day. My site is about my work on island mapping. I love working with quality software, and GM is definitely in that category. I don’t spend money easily, but the GM product was well worth my initial investment and the 3 additional major updates since my first purchase. I love the GM product’s ability to load and manipulate very large raster files. It really makes my work easy.

Now for my take on Mike. I have dealt with my share of crappy customer service folks and a poor encounter can ruin my trust in a product. If the software firm won’t put quality people on the front-lines to answer questions about their product, they don’t get my money. Mike is in a class all by himself. Not only does he consider and respond to each and every question, he will adjust his mapping program to accomodate his customers. That is really cool! The day will come where the GM product will be used by too many customers forcing Mike to hire others to service his customer base. If he instills in each of these additional employees the same attitude he displays, his business will remain sound far into the future.

I have published a post at that talks about my use of GM and about Mike. Keep up the good work, Mike. Your product and your service are without parallel in the industry.

Peter Minton

GlobalMapper is just fantastic, I had begun to take it for granted until I had to go back to using pure ArcGIS briefly. Believe me that was no fun at all. Opening up ArcCatalog just to change a coordinate system is a pain in the butt, with Global Mapper it takes only seconds. I use it all the time for quick overlays, viewing data, or projection conversions. It even does lightweight gridding, it seems to do just about everything and is indispensable.

Here’s something I whipped up using Global Mapper, merging DEMs, ETM 3-2-1, panchromatic orthos and vector, with only some post-processing & text added in Photoshop.

Brian Russo