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    Default Is it possible to specify gridding during elevation export?


    We are planning on buying the latest version of the SDK for this and other reasons
    In the meantime I'm looking at the headers/docs from the beta SDK download. I've noticed that GM_ExportElevation / GM_ExportElevationEx don't seem to have any settings for gridding the output into multiple files, in contrast to the scripting command EXPORT_ELEVATION which does, and of course the GUI has it in the Gridding tab of the export window.

    Is it possible to accomplish the same effect via the SDK?


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    If you are using the SDK then you can do the gridding yourself by simply making multiple calls to the GM_ExportElevation function, once for each grid cell. This way you can do whatever gridding you want. If you want to use the same as the EXPORT_ELEVATION script command supports, create a script file that uses that, name it .gmw, then load that .gmw with GM_LoadLayerList. It will run the script.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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