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Paul Tocknell

Global Mapper Focus Group Invitation

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by , 04-11-2012 at 07:49 PM (4928 Views)
One of the great things about running Global Mapper is seeing the happy and dedicated following that Global Mapper receives. I have enjoyed witnessing the interaction between the support team and customers. In fact, some might say that this ability to listen and respond to customers is one of Global Mapper's best features.

There has also been some concern expressed about how Global Mapper's acquisition will affect future support and product direction .

Because of this concern, Blue Marble Geographics (the parent company of Global Mapper) has decided to form a new online focus group and is asking interested Global Mapper "power" users for their participation. If you are interested in participating please apply here:

My understanding is that the focus group will be receiving several short surveys over the next few months which they will ask you to complete. In exchange for this survey, Blue Marble will try and provide some "schwagg" for your assistance if you become part of this focus group.

If you have any questions about this group, feel free to leave a comment.


Global Mapper
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  1. EDGAR's Avatar
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    GlobalMapper Sourvey

    PLS let me express my oppinions.

    1. Further GM development wouldn't focus on other GIS software available on the market today, since they are so complicated and require many hours of learning before one could start work. But GlobalMapper does the same so easy and simple.
    As a user working with GlobalMapper on daily basis I do appreciate its clear, logical and uniform concept focused on effectiveness during work and it is very friendly both to beginners and advanced ones.

    2. We have developed within this Forum so many tutorials which one can apply to GB sionce its previous versions and that should be valid for comming ones too.

    3. General ideas / concepts developed / invented with Mike's intuition perfectly fits to GM Users' requirements, so this software is so clear, so easy to learn and understood by everyone who installed it for the first time. That doesn't apply to ANY other GIS soft that I've tested so far.

    4. The only thing GM needs - in order to increase selling volume is to increase marketing efforts, prepare some eye-caching flayers , and that is all. I've learned till now, that even scholars / academic teachers has no (in general) any idea abut GlobalMapper existence , so how they could spread their words to students abt it if GlobalMapper doesn't exist in their knowledge. That is the free field that should be cultivated first.

    5. All development works should follow rules established by Mike since the very beginning because all worked and works perfect, Thanks to Mike for his ingenious idea and extraordinary Support.


    Updated 04-12-2012 at 11:19 AM by EDGAR
  2. meenuulatha's Avatar
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    HI...... It was good. the link was very useful.
  3. RobertR's Avatar
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    Is this still valid for future releases? I am using GM 5days/week so I am really interested in the product. I would like to help in any way possible.

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