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Viewshed Analysis

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy-to-use viewshed analysis tool? Global mapper features comprehensive view shed analysis using loaded elevation grid data. The user can specify a location, transmitter height, and radius.

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The View Shed command selects the view shed analysis tool as the current tool. This tool allows registered users to perform a view shed analysis using loaded elevation grid data with a user-specified transmitter location, height, and radius. All areas within the selected radius that have a clear line of sight to the transmitter are colored with a user-specified color.

To perform a view shed analysis, first select the view shed tool as your current tool. Press and release the left mouse button at the position where you wish to place the transmitter. At this point, the View Shed Setup dialog (pictured right) will appear, allowing you to setup the view shed calculation.

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Watch the steps for viewshed analysis in this video: