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Opening up ArcCatalog just to change a coordinate system is a pain in the butt, with Global Mapper it takes only seconds. I use it all the time for quick overlays, viewing data, or projection conversions.

Brian Russo

Load GeoPDF files into Global Mapper

GeoPDF files are quickly become more and more common. GeoPDF files are a great way to distribute your mapping data to users because your user / customer doesn’t have to have a mapping program installed on their computer. All they need is a Adobe Reader. Global Mapper is not only capable of viewing these files but also capable of loading GeoPDF layers. You can import GeoPDF® files and export any collection of loaded data to new Geo-enabled PDF files, making your data accessible to any user without requiring them to have any mapping knowledge.

Here is a video demonstration of me loading a GeoPDF file and exporting a few as well:

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