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Area Calculation Tool

Global Mapper makes it really easy to calculate and measure an area. All you have to do is select the measure tool from the toolbar:

global mapper area measure tool

Once the tool is selected

  1. Left click on the point to begin the measurement. Move the mouse, which will draw a line, to the point where the measurement should stop.
  2. Repeat step 1 until you have defined the entire path or area that you wish to measure.
  3. Right click the right mouse button and select “Stop Measuring” from the list using a left click. Notice that “Stop Measuring” and “Close polygon” choices are now grayed out. The measurement(s) will be displayed on the left side of the status bar below.
  4. In order to change measurements right click and choose a new unit using a left click. You may continue to change the measurement display by selecting different units. The distance will be displayed in kilometers, meters, miles or feet for a line, and in square feet, square meters, square miles, acres, or hectares for areas.

global mapper screen shot measure tool

Please watch this short video tutorial to see distance and area calculations performed in Global Mapper:

[tubepress video="8t7r7v-iuYU"]