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How do I generate contour lines

Global Mapper makes it so easy to generate contour lines. You can create contours for any combination of elevation data. You can also specify the contour interval to use. The generated contour data can then be exported to any of the supported vector export formats

Create Contour

Create Contour Options

Here are the easy-to-follow step to generate contour lines in Global Mapper

  1. Load any supported elevation data
  2. Select File – Generate Contours from the menu
  3. Customize your Contour generations from the contour options panel (displayed here).
  4. ClickThis panel allows you to set the interval and desired units as well as the grid spacing to use when creating the contours. Another option is to limit the elevation range within which contour lines are created. You can also see the available options like creating isoheight area features, as well as creating the spot elevations at the highest and lowest points in the area selected. 
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