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Opening up ArcCatalog just to change a coordinate system is a pain in the butt, with Global Mapper it takes only seconds. I use it all the time for quick overlays, viewing data, or projection conversions.

Brian Russo

3D GIS Visualization

Global Mapper works as easily with 3D data as it does 2D data. It supports several 3D formats such as 3D PDF, Collada, Wavefront, 3DS Max and more. The user has the ability to link the 2D and 3D viewer so panning, zooming, and adding vector features will automatically replicate in both windows. There is a toolbar and support for setting up and recording HD 3D fly-through video of your 3D projects. Support has been added for features such as draping vector data, GPS tracking and Skyboxes for rendering a sky simulation in 3D. Support has also been added for 3D textures and meshes in GMP files.

When selected, the 3D View command displays a window containing a 3D view of the data in the current Global Mapper view. Any imagery or vector data being drawn on top of the elevation grid(s) in the main Global Mapper view will automatically be draped on top of the elevation data in the 3D View window. If so configured, any 3D vector data will be displayed in space as well.

The image below depicts a sample of the 3D View window displayed using 250K USGS DEM data for Salt Lake City, UT overlaid with DOQ satellite imagery from the TerraServer import command under the File menu.

[tubepress video="IRdLZlR0TJQ"]