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System Requirements:

Global Mapper software is compatible with Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP (32 and 64-bit versions), Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit versions), Windows 7/8 (32 and 64-bit versions), and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. The minimum system requirements are 64 MB of RAM and 100 MB of hard drive space for the installation.

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  • Global Mapper 17

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Noted Improvements in V17

Numerous significant enhancements and new features have been made to Global Mapper since v16. The most significant changes are described below. Please watch the “What’s New in version 17″ webinar (coming soon).

  • Dramatic Speed Improvements – depending on data and machine anywhere from 5 to times faster for all types of data processing and rendering
    New Cartographic Map Publishing tool including:
    • A paper scale interface that actually lets you see the layout in the paper proportions
    • Easier addition of overlays for graphics, text, legend, scale bar, north arrows etc, and positioning these elements through click and drag
    • Template creation and template library
  • New flexible view interface with dock-able windows and multiple map views for better data visualization and manipulation
  • Several new built-in online sources, including US National Map sources (w/ 1 foot color imagery source), World Navigation Charts (1:1M Scale ONC Charts), and Australian water sources
  • New support for CPT palette files, both for layer color palettes and for initializing elevation shaders and updated support for PLY, PNG (added EXIF tag support), Sketchup, CPT and USGS Earth Explorer formats
  • Updated logging information now available for scripting, along with many other scripting enhancements
  • Speed improvements and threading updates for many large format raster and vector data types
  • Updates to GPS Tracking, to support Glonass and Baidu NMEA positions, as well as new tracking functions to follow the live position more closely and orient the map to the GPS Heading
  • Added new GPS toolbar buttons to control whether or not the main display centers on the GPS vessel location and automatically rotates to keep the GPS heading towards the top of the display
  • Attribute Calculation now stores the previous formula for new attributes, if one exists, so that a user can have see what changes a previous formula made to an attribute .Added a new right-click option on the Feature Vertex dialog so you can easily duplicate vertices for an area feature. This allows you to use the “Pen Up” draw mode option to turn off the drawing of some segments of the area border


  • Automatic classification and extraction for power lines and noise points
  • Dramatic speed enhancements for LiDAR and other Point Cloud data for drawing, gridding and load
  • Updated building and vegetation classification
  • Fast spatial thinning and threading for very large datasets
  • Calculation of basic rooftop statistics from point clouds
  • 3D updates
  • Dramatic 3D display speed optimizations
  • Support for using custom 3D models symbol styles for any point feature in the 3D window for example graphically pleasing tree models for extracted trees
    Export of 3D data formats, including PLY, OBJ, and Collada (DAE), and STL
  • A number of usability enhancements including re-organizing the digitizer right click menus and introduction of a customizable Favorites menu for one-click access to the digitizer tool functionality
    Many other enhancements and bug fixes were made as well. See the What’s New page at for a complete list of changes.